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Blading is our work, but also our passion.

Faction Skate company was started with a simple idea, a skate made for how You skate. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge to what is needed in a high performance skate. From the ground up we are skater owned and operated looking to give our riders a platform for their voice. We believe that each person has a unique voice and style and for every perspective there is an ideal setup. Are you a street technician looking for durability and a stable base? Are you a high flying vert rider looking for speed and simplicity? Are you a cutting edge park rat looking for all the bells and whistles? No matter the perspective we have a setup for you. Choose your Faction.


Custom solutions for your sole!

Choose from our packages or build your own. Faction Skate Company is here to make product that fits your needs. We believe that there is a skate for every style and we want to provide options for how you skate. Sign up for our email list to stay up to date with our latest releases. If you're just down for the cause, we have merch as well check it out!

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