Our Team

A rouge's gallery of inline killers. Wait- they are the best of people too! We are glad to have such a diverse roster to represent the brand. Each of them has their own unique perspective on blading and we look forward to see what they do with our skates on their feet.
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Cameron Card

Utah born Cameron Card has been blessing the cameras fixated on him with his arsenal of wild stunts, robust technicality, and his effortlessly flawless style for over the last 20 years. He's wowed the world with tricks like his jaw dropping disaster BS Royale at SLC's Skyline High School and massive disaster to soul grind at the ASA finals back in the early 2000’s, cementing himself into the history books of our sport. Cameron's skating is effortless, smooth, and immensely technical with the ability to complete nearly every trick in his vocabulary both directions, rotations included. He's had powerful skating sections such as 2006’s 'Teach Them Well' and his life changing part in SWS's 'Blood, Pride, and True'. He lets his skating do the talking while at the same time never hesitating to skate with anyone no matter their skill level. He continues blessing the world of skating with smiles and skating that has no equal. Faction skate company is proud to support one of rollerblading's greatest athletes and a role model for generations to come.

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Eric Michael

There are few people in the world who possess the body control and raw talent that Eric Michael does. The first time you get a chance to witness his skating in the flesh is the first time you need to rethink you own skills and abilities. Eric has been quietly honing his skills behind the scenes for years, and in 2018 he decided it was time to break free from the shadows and show the world what exactly he brings to the table. There is no transition that can stand in the wake of Eric's powerful and distinct skating. With a background as a diver, he assaults every trick he approaches with control, power, and ease as he flips, rotates, and controls his body to complete what many of us deemed impossible for years. You'll typically find him 6 feet above the coping of your local park, solo sailing down your towns biggest handrails, or simply sitting back and taking it all in with a smile. Eric has a bright future and brings a bright light to a rarely illuminated part of rollerblading to share that it's not just about grinds and spins, it's about having fun and being true to yourself.

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Jimmy Cisz

When it comes to unconventional tricks, skating to the beat of your own drum, and eating 'never been done before' switch-ups for breakfast, Jimmy Cisz has us covered. Hailing from the sunny shores of Southern Florida, Jimmy stands out in a room full of standouts. With a signature style unlike any other skaters out there, a trick vocabulary that will leave you scratching your head, and the ability to skate literally anything in front of him, you'll find yourself consumed to just watching him or all of his skate parts over and over and over. He'll spin, flip, grind, cess, roll, and defy logic as he speeds across your field of view and shuts down all your favorite spots. And for a person with such a presence, he'll be gone as quickly as he appeared, slipping back into shadows and making you question if what you just saw was reality or just a fever dream. Jimmy rounds out an already stacked Faction skate company team and brings a flavor and spice to our roster that satiates the palate in a way that no one else can. We're excited to shine a brighter light on his skating to show the world just how bright his light already is.

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Blade Skillson

50% man, 50% mask, 50% mystery. Blade Skillson is such a talented skater that he needed to don a mask and suppress his skills to allow the rest of us mortals a chance to catch up with his skating. Blade will even take it a step further and accessorize himself with a bag, a hat, and sometimes even swords. Then he'll come to your local events and entertain the crowds as he skates circles around all of you on his way to the contest finals. This story goes far deeper than the jokes though. Both on and off his skates, Blade is an action figure in our industry and beyond. Always taking the time to respond to his fans and followers or snap a quick photo together, he's a huge advocate and supporter of the Skate for Autism campaigns, and an absolutely beast of a skater in his own. With multiple signature pro wheels from the Konjure brand, countless contest podiums, and his two movies, he truly is a professional in every regard. Though we may never fully know the man under the mask and only know the hardened red and black exterior and clothing he shows us, Faction skate company is lucky to have him as a member of our team.

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Chynna Weierstall

Flawless style, effortless trick execution, infinite technicality, the list goes on and on. Chynna’s name is synonymous with some of the highest level of skating we’ve ever known. Frequently putting out snippets of jaw dropping and head scratching tricks that not only inspire us to put on our skates and get moving, but remind us of just how much farther we’d need to climb to even be a tenth as good as some of these throwaways. She’s been humbly killing it for years with a peppering of video parts, contest podium placements, signature products, and more. The spotlight was always around the corner waiting to illuminate this immensely talented individual, and every time Chynna managed to step away just moments before that beam arrived. Though she always played it close to the chest, there is no denying that she is one of the most talented and exciting skaters of our generation. Faction Skate Company is proud to not only welcome her to the team, but to finally put a spotlight on her that she has deserved for so many years.

Our Extended Team

Iain Mcleod

Mario Pacia

Frai Gomez

Matt Lyon

Viktoria Soderholm

Tina Vallarta

Aniek Kerkhofs

Jesus Rivera